An open letter to sidewalk bicyclists

An open letter to sidewalk bicyclists
Photo by Markus Winkler / Unsplash

What are you doing on the sidewalk? Who are you?

I want to know.

And there seem to be more of you lately, for some reason.

One could argue that it's December and the roads are icy.

That would be fair, yet there is currently no snow or ice on the ground.

You could argue there are no bike lanes.

There are always bike lanes when encountering these bicycling bandits.

You could argue that they're "kids" who "don't know better".

For some reason, it's never kids.

Who are these people? Have the bylaws changed? Are we slowly descending into total anarchy? Are these 2-wheeled ruffians actually one of the forgotten horsemen of the Apocalypse?

If you are reading this and have knowledge about why people do this, please contact me. Until then, we must continue to dodge them on our walks to work.

Stay safe out there.

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