Welcome, friend

I'm currently building Herald, a texting tool for churches and am employed by Greenspace Mental Health.

I'm also a husband to my wonderful wife and spend time on my cool projects.

My goal with this site is to have a clean space where I can lay out my thoughts on various topics here in this blog, where I'll probably write about web tech, projects, and opinions on other things.

If you're keen, you can find my other works on Sourcehut.

Say hello

There are literally limitless ways of contacting me.

You can reach me at my personal email (c@hubscher.email), alternatively if you wish to talk business it's better to reach me at (colby@colbyhub.com).

If you're the type, you may also use my SSH or PGP keys.

If you want to get real wild, you can try reaching @colbyhub on libera.chat.

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